About Me

Hi, I'm Moin Ahmad.


I love building iOS apps.

I enjoy the entire process - from planning to designing, consisting of the user interface and user experience, to developing, writing the underlying code. I love writing about the process too; and you can find it at moinahmad.io.


It all started in college.

I discovered my passion for mobile software during my college years. This led to teaching myself design principles. I also learned how to utilize the tools used to create designs. These tools include Adobe's Creative Cloud suite of apps and, more recently, Sketch, along with the various prototyping tools available.


It began to make sense.

When I felt confident in my design skills, I turned my attention to developing iOS apps. That's when everything started to click. Since that fateful moment, I’ve been learning Apple's Swift/Objective-C from a variety of sources - from books to online courses and lectures. And so, even to this day, I am seeking out ways to increase my knowledge and become a better designer & developer.


But enough about me.

Everything adds up to my final point - if you have an idea for an awesome app, let’s discuss it over a cup of coffee! I would love to help you take your awesome idea and make it a reality. Email me at hello@moinahmad.com.

Let's make something awesome!